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[Image 7 -The power generation has been improved while keeping the small size and light weight.∙ It has a power generation of 50w and adjusts to 42w (14 volts 3 amps) for output.Caterers can generate the necessary power immediately by simply “rotating” and can generate electricity in more environments.[Image 5 This time, “Power Box 50” introduced at Makuake This is a power-up model for products sold since 2014.This makes it possible to charge most low-power mobile devices ・ By externalizing the inverter, the power generation can be improved with a small size and light weight.

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in the event of a disaster or large-scale power outage It is the best unit as an auxiliary power source for useful equipment.The conversion efficiency varies depending on the device used.About 30w is a guide when using the included inverter.-Direct charging of 12V battery is also possible using the included 12V crocodile clip!・ Combined accessory inverter enables general USB output and AC outlet output!

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