Wow mobile armory not updating

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Also, saying that no-one uses those websites is plain stupid.

We have around 50.000 unique users a month and the other armory websites probably don't have less.

Head over to the following forums to make use of the new ' Quick Masked Armory' product: World of Warcraft US - Wo W - Accounts Sell World of. To the official forum post found here: 2 2 hours server sargeras merowyth 3 hours hallow's end 4 hours live chat start. Game Savor offer you various World of warcraft item, such us Elemental items, Pv P.

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I'll make my own third party armory that asks for your password, and some poor schmuck will come to wowwiki, link to my phishing site, and I'll get his password.

A preview of the new World of Warcraft community site is now live.

November 17, and you can catch all the action live, FREE, and in HD over at. We list the best sites, Runescape, Co D and Wo W Private Servers on the net.

The signature maker says it doesn't work on IE7, which more and more people are probably using (Yeah, yeah, FF rules, IE sux, we get it). Linking to broken third party shit that no one's ever heard of is asking for trouble.

The site is still hopelessly broke with some php error. I'd remove all three links, but since Frals added his back, it would probably just start an edit war.

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