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" I have to admit, Carl is easily one of the brawniest men I've ever met. Kevin's questions about what kind of a date I thought Carl would make really confused me. Total honesty from now on.) Part of our honesty truce, he said, was to admit that he sometimes fantasized about in bed with another man. Maybe Kevin's hoping I'll back out at the last minute. I let her fuck other men as long as I can watch." "That's sick!

Nice hair—a little gray around the temples, but healthy and plentiful on top. (That was the only way our marriage would work, we both agreed. Of course, I'm also not sure how Carl's going to react to Kevin being here. Carl could change his mind when he finds out that his invitation to have sex with me has a rather kinky string attached. And then, it has crossed my mind that this whole date thing might be a test.

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After I did it our marriage died when I realized how much we grew apart I felt like I didn't love her anymore and I told her but we stayed together 5 more yrs she thought I was going to leave them and soon found a job where she met someone I found out and forgave her although she did not ask for it our relationship never improved and 2 yrs later she did it again I had to ask her to leave and I kept our kids since the times she asked me for some time off I left without them she said she needed time to think but the truth was she was in a relationship and needed me gone but a counselor told me to go back home and I did I was sure it was over but when she found out I was trying to make new friends male and female she started coming to the house and asking the kids if I was seeing someone they said because I'm not but she insists that I do By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to the Site Terms, acknowledged our Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.

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Maybe it's because the man I'm dating tonight is such a hunk and I can't wait for him to get into my pants. I didn't understand why Kevin invited him, at first. I think he'll like the way this pastel blue blouse fits me—it's almost too small—and this navy blue skirt—it's short and fits me close. At our company's annual holiday party this year, Warren Albright, an outside sales rep I know, cornered me over a couple of drinks and began extolling the merits of an arrangement he and his wife had. "She's an over-sexed person, by nature," he explained. and I get the show of a life time." "You mean if I fucked your wife, you wouldn't care? Only she decides who she shares her bed with." "OK, let me rephrase the question. " "Seeing it." "Seeing your wife screw another man? And then I told her about my friend who likes to watch his wife with other men." "Did she think you were nuts? "That's exactly what she thought, so I never mentioned it again." "So what happened? A couple of months later she asked me if I was really serious about what I said. And, I'm telling you, it's un-fuckin-believable--watching your wife strip for a guy, showing off her body for his pleasure, worshiping his cock with her tongue and her mouth, and then taking his cock in her hand and guiding it between the lips of her cunt. From that vantage point, you see things, things you never saw before, like the way she tosses her head back in abandonment the moment a cock sinks deep inside her, or the way her whole body shifts and slides with every thrust of his cock.

Or maybe it's because my husband Kevin helped arrange this date and plans to be here when this guy comes over to fuck me. You see, this whole thing is Kevin's idea, believe it or not. And, if things go right, he'll get to see my choice of underwear tonight: a lacy little maroon bra and panties set. He said he lets his wife fuck other men, as long as he can be present. You get to see the way her legs look wrapped around a man's back, as she urges him deeper inside her.

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