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One of the communities chosen was largely rural and structurally traditional in organization, and the other is a far more rapidly transforming informal peri-urban shanty settlement which has mushroomed as people have moved to the town centre in search of employment or get involved in business activities.

This has made it a fast – growing town as people from other districts come into the district for various activities including trading and prostitution.Therefore, in order to reduce this risk of infection, there is need for changes to occur in cultural practices such as sexual cleansing, levirate marriage, polygyny, and extra-nuptial sexual relations.This study investigated sexual practices in two communities of Mansa District in Zambia.In June 2000, the National AIDS Council estimated that 830,000 Zambians over the age of 15 were living with HIV and AIDS.Over 54% of these were women, demonstrating a well-established pandemic across the population.

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