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Her mother is from Panama while her father has Indo-Trinidadian roots from Trinidad and Tobago. The alleged relation between Tatyana and Muhammad Ali became a hot topic when the heavyweight champion passed away two years ago.Many did some sleuthing of their own and were surprised to find that they aren’t related, let alone father and daughter.Unfortunately for those who think Tatyana is a second-generation-famous star, there’s no connection between the actress and the boxer apart from their common last name.There’s also the remote link that Tatyana’s Fresh Prince costar, Will Smith, portrayed Ali in the boxer’s 2001 biopic.Brandis apparently did not leave a note of any kind.He had no known personal problems, except for the fact that he was usually quite hard on himself.In computing, the acronym ALIS stands for many different things.

He left the room, and approximately 15 minutes later, one of his friends went looking for him and found him hanging by a nylon rope in the second floor hallway of his building. Despite all efforts to revive him, he was later pronounced dead.

We also know Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer in the history of the sport.

Muhammad Ali passed away in 2016, while Tatyana is currently busy with her acting and music career.

And she’s now making the holiday season even more enchanting with Lifetime Movies’ Jingle Belle and Hallmark Movies’ Christmas Everlasting. For a long time, many have speculated that Tatyana has a familial connection to the famed boxer.

Some even wonder if she’s one of Ali’s many secret children.

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