Who is prince ex wife dating

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Mayte Garcia, the ex-wife of the superstar Prince, has described her four-year romance with superstar musician Prince as "bizarre", in a recent interview.Garcia, a dancer and actor, was 16 when first met the superstar in 1990, who at 32, was twice her age.

In 2010, the flamboyant artist slammed the internet as "outdated" following the release of his album because companies such as Apple would not pay him an advance.He refused access to digital download services and released the CD as a free cover mount with publications in Europe.It was also reported that Prince banned Whitney Houston from his concerts after the singer's erratic behaviour and excessive ticket demands during his 2011 , propelled her to superstardom. I was running around his car, spitting at him and he's trying to box me – all at six o'clock in the morning," the 47-year-old singer told Event magazine."I rang on someone's doorbell to get in their house because Prince was about to kick the living s**t out of me."O'Connor said the fight had begun when she told Prince to "f**k off", after he "summoned" her to his home at 6am one morning to tell her to stop swearing during interviews.Ghislaine Maxwell also denies the allegations and says that she plans to take legal action against a number of British newspapers.)After he hung up the phone, Perkins assembled a crisis team consisting of senior Palace officials and lawyers.Many of these were old hands at dealing with Andrew’s indiscretions.

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