Who is dale earnhardt dating

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once preferred to keep out of the public eye, NASCAR's biggest star said drivers' personal lives are largely "fair game" for the media to discuss."As long as it's not hurtful for someone to go through," Earnhardt said, the NASCAR media seems to respect the "gentlemen's agreement among everybody (of) what's fair and what's not.""Your personal life, who you're dating, when you're getting married, where you're going to get married, what you do with your time off or your hobbies, I think that's totally fair game," he added.Earnhardt said he didn't believe Danica Patrick's romantic relationship with fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. You know, I didn't think it was a big deal, to be honest with you."A SOAP? He started bringing his girlfriend of nearly three years, Amy Reimann, to public events after shielding her from fans and media during the first part of their relationship. In the past couple years, Earnhardt has been more open than ever.Richard Childress is also a NASCAR driver and Dale friend. He told:“Before Amy, I didn’t take girls to a dinner or a movie. She taught me what a date was and she got me out of the house, out of my comfort zone.

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Amy Reimann, an interior designer by profession was a member of the team that was doing the interior designing job of his villa.

Obviously everybody’s in love with Tony Romo, and he’s doing an amazing job too. I think he’ll be around for a really long time.’’ And how long will Earnhardt be around?

Truth is, he sounds more interested in enjoying the moment than worried about what’s next.

Amy had no idea about racing and had never watched any of his races. Tommy Cook, his father, and Bo Mallette who was the best man at Reimann’s wedding to Cook had said that Amy was already hooked to Dale before she separated from Tommy.

But she was charmed by him and they soon started dating. Tommy’s father thought that it was absolutely wrong but also added that his son has moved on.

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