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Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.I think in big cities among college-educated transplants, it's not that rare at all.For Indian women that have a personal connection to a strong Indian community where they are, then it's less common.By virtue of the simple fact that I was born as a girl, to Indian parents, I carry upon my shoulders, the burden of centuries of expectations, traditions, rituals and responsibilities that every Indian girl must bear from birth till death.I was two years old when my parents left the shores of India forever and came here to build a new life for themselves.

We could live in their country, eat their food, ride their trains and occupy positions in their companies, but we remained apart from them, lest we be tempted by their sinful lifestyle and carefree ways. I did not go for sleepovers with my friends, as their parents, however friendly, could not be trusted.

It does seem Indian parents are more conservative than even other Asians, and there seem to be few 3rd or 4th generation Indians living in Australia at least.

There seem to be more Indians who are Christian as a percentage here than in India, though, and I think that removes one big barrier to the women dating western men.

Even below average looking White guys like Ron Jeremy and Joe Pesci can easily get an attractive looking chick in Philippines and Thailand. In India however, the White male fetish has never really caught on.

India is one of the very few Asian countries where it is not extremely easy for a White guy to get laid.

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