White collar dating

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One of the women, who hopes to be an architect, said: “I might be less inclined to know him well,” she said. Perhaps, the research suggests, women are more open-minded than often assumed when it comes to the prospect of partnership and marriage.Again, it’s imperative for individual, economic, and societal reasons that young men not be dissuaded from entering the trades and similar jobs. Not everyone saw the mating dances of men and women of disparate education backgrounds as potentially problematic.Explaining why they envisioned mostly starry days ahead, some of the interviewees noted that “money talks,” a locution used more than once.In my book, I urge young people to at least consider education routes other than four-year degrees.But, by so urging, might I be complicit in curtailing marriage opportunities if many college women view non-college men as unsuitable mates?

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