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Was at home, bored and curious and decided to actually follow through with one of the girls that offered sex through the wechat "nearby" feature.We exhanged a few messages and agreed to 1000 for the night. About 20 mins later I get a message to go down and meet her.Recent court decisions suggest that if Ontario courts believe that the defamation occurred in Ontario and affected the reputation of an Ontario person, then Ontario courts have a “real and substantial connection” to the matter at hand and, as such, can have jurisdiction over the matter.However, even if a court order in Ontario is issued against We Chat to compel We Chat to reveal the identity of the anonymous defamer, the plaintiff would have to go through the process of enforcing this order against We Chat in Hong Kong which can be a lengthy process as well.Finally I just gave her 100 and told her to get the fuck out. So the girls you see in the pics aren't the actual girls who show up (surprise surprise)These systems... Then I get a message saying they are sorry (the lady I spoke to) and can send someone else to my room with a 100rmb discount. you almost never speak to the actual person on We Chat or whatever. Different girl came over and was obnoxious, demanded 6 bills up front which I paid. We Chat requires users to insert their mobile number and e-mail address for verification purposes.Therefore, We Chat would be in a good position to identify the person behind a username who posted a defamatory statement.

If this is not a sufficient solution and you cannot identify the defamer, you may wish to consider starting a law suit against a “John Doe” or “Jane Doe” and seeking a court order compelling We Chat to reveal the identity of the defamer.Recent Ontario court decisions have confirmed that posting a defamatory statement on a micro-blog, even if subsequently deleted can be seen as “publishing”, a necessary component to establishing defamation.The concern is that since most defamers are anonymous (only using their usernames), it’s difficult to do anything about the defamation even if you wanted to.After conversation and perhaps exchanging photographs, the scammer tells the male that she will offer “prostitution services” for a fee.When the male agrees, the scammer requests that the male transfer gift cards to the scammer by providing the pin numbers and then either stops communicating with the male or, in some extreme cases, blackmails the male user for additional credit.

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