Validating email address

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Each DNS label must not exceed 63 characters and should consist of any combination of alphabetic characters, digits and hypens.

NOTE: A couple of restrictions apply to the DNS label: With the introduction of the Internationalized Domain Names, non-ASCII characters can now be used in both the local as well as the domain parts of an email address.

To incentivize full involvement, Ferriss “promised the student who could contact the most hard-to-reach name and ask the most intriguing question a round-trip plane ticket anywhere in the world.” So what happened?

Students struck up conversations with many famous names, from former President George Bush to Google CEO Eric Schmit.

Then, you just find another employee’s email address and copy the pattern.

Notice how the emails are structured when you: Once you find an email address, simply plug the name of your contact into the pattern.

Many of the frameworks offer equivalents, and I'm sure many of those are wrapping this too.

Free tools like Metric Sparrow automatically do the pattern finding for you.For a variable fee, just type the criteria of your ideal list into the database. The most accurate databases are also, unsurprisingly, the most expensive.Their contacts tend to have been updated every 3-6 months for ongoing accuracy.Above we discussed the manual way to deduce someone’s email address based on their name and company. If you want to receive contact information for a lot more prospects much more quickly, there are services for discovering contact information.Guillaume recommends these tactics: In this case, another team has already done the hard work of finding lots of relevant contacts.

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