Updating your database development skills to

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Structuring your code is really the art part of software development, but it’s also critical because you and your co-workers who have to work with your code will spend considerably more time maintaining existing code rather than writing new code.I’m not going to go into how to properly structure your code in this book since—like I said—I’ve already provided you with an excellent resource, but you should strive to learn how to write good, clean code from the beginning rather than learn this skill afterwards.If you want more information on what it means the effectively structure you're code, I recommend this book: “The Clean Coder”.I consider this a flagship book that every software developer should read.I can just about guarantee that, even if you are a beginner, if you can write good, clean, concise, and understandable code that expresses its meaning in the structure itself, just about any interviewer who sees your code is going to assume you are an experienced professional.And to some degree you will be, or at least on the path to be, because you’ll be treating this career as a profession, not just a job: a sign of a true craftsman.Understanding the benefits and limits of various types of databases, including PC and online databases.Ability to participate in short-term and long-term planning about database projects and to decide how to efficiently store and analyze various types of data.

Object oriented design is a way of designing complex programs that breaks them down into individual classes or objects (instantiations of classes), which encapsulate functionality and have specific roles and responsibilities.Remember how we talked about being as specific as possible when deciding what kind of software developer you were going to become? Take a look at this post I made about the The Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2018.If you want to ensure you learn something relevant, just pick one of those.Many software developers go through their whole career without learning this skill, and it’s unfortunate because this is the primary way I—and many others—judge the skill and competence of a software developer.Good code structure shows a dedication to the craft beyond just getting the job done.

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