Updating iatkos

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How to update: install install this ( a bit updated to be present in mkext) reboot create backup of Extensions folder.

updating iatkos-35

updating iatkos-76

updating iatkos-6

If I unplug and plug it (same port or not, same thing), then the keyboard works again and I can login.

And yes the Hackintosh works but it is glitchy sometimes and its not the best.

I want to update to a vanilla OS either the Catalina Beta or a vanilla of Mojave.

Hi (sorry for my english) i had trouble updating from Kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.3 i have the eternel grey screen with the apple logo and the spining wheel i tried every methode (way) what could be the probeleme?

thank you Asus: P5k/Wifi Intel: dual core 6750 2,6ghz Nvidia: 8800 Gtx (760mo dedicated) “@Sam: hmmm…

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