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Outrageous price increases is my main reasoning for me quitting buying specimens. But I have had some really good deals found via e Bay and the 'net so sometimes its worth the wait.So I figured trading and finding my own specimens is the way to go, for me personally. Most likely, the package will be towards the end of June, judging by the last 4-5 packages I got from there. I'm in the UK Scott, so I don't know if that will make any difference to the time I have to wait.And, there usually is NO tracking after its left Pakistan until it arrives in the US.So there is a long period you'll get ZERO info re: the package.

If you are in the UK, I think you need to double check the ebay page you ordered this from. The postage rates and information relate to the Royal Mail and selling prices are in pounds.

My last purchase, made in February, arrived last week. But it came in undamaged and I got a SWEET aqua on quartz that was pretty fragile... But I have reached a point where I am over saturated with specimens and will not be buying specimens much anymore.

However, I have yet to NOT get a package since they switched from DHL. My philosophy has changed to where I want to trade and find my specimens going forward.

As the others have said it can often take up to 2 months or more to get items from Pakistan. If the seller has posted a tracking number on ebay and it starts with RB then you know it has been shipped Pakistan post.

Pakistan post does have a tracking web page where you can check to see if the item has been posted.

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