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When you have a twin, so much of your life is shared.

Penelope had been the first time Josie had ever had something truly her own – something she hadn’t known she’d really desired, until it happened.

Her eyes immediately seek out the source, finding Penelope walking into the library with two of her followers at her sides, books tucked under her arm.

It only takes a moment for Penelope’s gaze to find Josie’s.

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”“Lizzie doesn’t control who I’m friends with.”Hope laughs, “Good joke.”“Come on. ”“I have fun.”“Hunting down random creatures with my dad isn’t ‘fun’.”“Some might say the same about trying to make your ex jealous all the time.” Hope smiles at Josie, “But you seem to be enjoying it.” Josie gapes at her, “I’m not doing it to make her jealous. Trying to kiss a woman you do not know simply because you are both standing under the mistletoe is creepy and if a guy I did not know attempted that with me, I would be grossed out.https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mistletoe I'd imagine with how everyone is either over the top over affection or lack of caring if someone is in a relationship, I'd say just make sure you know where the other person stands as far as in a relationship, etc lol. Some might say no harm in it anyways, but there's where it depends on the person and their stance on it. I wouldn’t have thought Hope would be on Lizzie’s list of approved people for you to date.”“Because it was who made sure no one else in the school would kiss me.” Josie retorts, unable to stop herself from biting.“Call it a favor.” Penelope shrugs, “Your choice in kissing partners was questionable at best.”“Well I did date you, so I guess that’s to be expected.”Hope stifles a laugh next to her and Penelope’s eyes widen slightly, jaw clenching with irritation. There’s a tense moment of silence between them, Josie glaring right back at Penelope, the friends at Penelope’s side awkwardly looking between the pair, likely waiting for the inevitable burst of flames to appear on someone’s body. Josie almost thinks she sees a glimpse of guilt on Penelope’s face, but she reminds herself who she’s dealing with.But Penelope just laughs – hollow, cold, “And yet I broke your heart all the same, didn’t I? She’s not responsible for what she does next.“I think I got over it just fine.” Josie bites out, turns for Hope, hand finding the back of her friend’s neck.

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