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For this reason, the group expects you to dress and behave appropriately for the venue and circumstance.Should this not occur, the group reserves the right to ask for and, if necessary, enforce appropriate dress and behavior.Most of all they provide you a place to be warmly accepted for who you are.Gatherings range from small private events to group excursions to larger mainstream venues, events, and outdoor locations.However, we do assume our members to be intelligent, responsible people who will dress and comport themselves appropriately for the venue and the type of event hosted.When publicly en-femme, like it or not, we represent the transgender community to the public at large.chk_51312359=on&t=1513523928099&forum=8630192&op=unpin This is the forum to ask questions.

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Our events are designed to provide opportunities to foster your growth and confidence.Many find a “big sister” or a core group of girlfriends, which can help you avoid the many common.We have found that it takes time and practice to evolve your presentation as well as to learn who you are; it is an on-going process.First, please continue to read about the group’s details, so you know what is expected.PRESENTATIONWe want to address the issue of so-called “being passable” head on. We do not restrict our activities to “LGBT safety net” type venues.

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