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The marriage application was rejected and they split up again.*Nakamori Akina and Masahiko Kondo started dating in 1985.

After her suicide attempt, they held a joint press conference where she apologised for her suicide attempt.They separated a month later and Gabriel Wilson revealed, "I was gay" at a press conference.They reconciled after a period of separation and divorced in 2011. [ 689 / -12] I had become numb to scandals lately but when I read here on Girls Channel that Kitamura Takumi smokes weed, I was so shocked I went "What?!It is believed that Akina was tricked into believing that they were going to announce their engagement in that press conference.*Becky publicly apologised in a press conference.Soon after, Shukan Bunshun released LINE messages between Becky and Enon (sent after their affair was publicised and before Becky's press conference) which showed no remorse over their actions.*Olympic medalist marathon runner, Arimori Yuko married her ex-husband Gabriel Wilson in 1998.

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