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Though their experience is the primary source material, Dan has done some valuable research to support his arguments.This is a Christian book, and will be most well received by Christian re Full disclosure: I know Dan Anderson (though not well).Indeed, he led my thinking in some directions I hadn't considered.Probably my biggest takeaway is that I need to be more proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to my daughter's dating behavior.There were a couple of chapters that I only skimmed because I don't feel the need to know all the information right now, but for parents I can see how it would be incredibly enlightening and helpful.I didn't agree with everything the authors said, but that's to be expected.I can't imagine why anyone would be put off by his viewpoint.My views and thoughts may differ slightly from Dan Anderson's, but there was really nothing that I outright disagreed with here.

Dan (and his daughter) use their breadth of experience to impart some practical wisdom on the issue of dating, specifically for daughters.Instead the authors have used experience that they have gained over the years as educators in the public school system, working with teens, and through personal experience to break down many “myths” that can cause problems for teen girls.I thought that the “myths” were explained and discussed very well.This book delves into some scary topics and some tips to address these situaions, as well, and hopefully avoid them, too. I have been curious about the subject though because I know a lot of teens who date and the rational behind it never made complete sense to me.Then I found out that the author of this book co-wrote it with his daughter, and that impressed and intrigued me. What I Thought About this Why I Choose this Book: The premise sounded interesting, although it wasn't something I especially wanted to read.

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