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Prior to calling Update you'll need to set Addresses Table Adapter. Solution: You can change this property to DO NOT COPY and copy it yourself if when needed or leave the database out of the project. Hi Guys, ran into the same problem last night and wasted 2 hours trying to figure out what was wrong. But I guess I'm too new to this to understand your suggestion. Update Command = new SQLUpdate Commandjust before the update, but that just generated two compiler errors: Error 1 'Update Command' is not a member of 'VBdatabase. By default in the solution explorer the database is set to COPY ALWAYS to the bin\debug folder which means that the database is alwys overwritten by the one in the application folder. Return Generated Identifiers = true; Source : SQL/doc/refman/5.0/en/..-- Retrieving autoincrement field values Often people ask me how to retrieve the value of an autoincrement column when they are using the My Sql Command Builder object.Here is the resume of the problem : The first call to Table Adapter.

I find that if I set the copy property to "do not copy" I get an unhandled exception whenever I try to open the dataset. The only problem is remembering to copy from App\bin\debug to App when needed. Prior to calling Update you'll need to set Addresses Table Adapter. Everything was working fine until yesterday and now it's as if the tables are all read-only. Update command never invokes the underlying Update method.

Update(Data Table) does not refresh the Primary Key of just added rows : if I read the Data Table after the Update, Primary Keys values are false. Fill(Data Table) before Updates, it's work, but I do not want to retreive hundred of rows before add one or two rows. Connector/Net 5.2.2 Visual Studio 2005 Windows Vista Hi Tonci, I'm writing a test case.

But I think the simple explanation is in the "Advanced option" of the Table Adapter configuration dialog.

What this does is tell the data adapter update engine to take the first returned row and merge it's values back into the changed row. The Updated Row Source property exists on the command object.

Connector/Net 1.0 had some syntax for this but starting with Connector/Net 5.0 that all changed. Net 2.0 API, Microsoft did not directly provide for any type of API that users could use for selecting this. Second, the command object must have its Updated Row Source property set to Both or First Returned Record.

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