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I would prefer to focus on getting a ton of low cost click offers and having wider margins, then spending a ton per click and smaller margins.You simply need to spend more time on keywords and test tracking. During my testing, I was paying pennies per click, yet the traffic was consistently converting at better than 10%.Once again, we will focus on using Never Blue Ads since the original guide did the same, not to mention Never Blue Ads now has over 30 different “dating” related offers to test with.General Dating Campaigns You can login to Never Blue Ads and grab a nice well known dating offer such as American Singles, Mate1 or True.Three examples of “Targeted Dating” campaigns are Black Singles, Christian Mingle and BBW Personals Plus.All of these campaigns are also high earners and paying well per signup.

I knew the market was hungry for some new information to get ideas and activity flowing and I’m honored to have heard back from so many of you that have been inspired.

Targeted Dating Campaigns The “General Dating” campaigns will most likely be the most saturated, not only because they have been around the longest, but also because they can usually afford to pay more per signup and they have a lot of in-house promotions across the web.

If you are already focusing on the general campaigns or have done some testing, you may want to start some targeted campaigns which are less saturated and will likely convert MUCH HIGHER than others.

If you are being paid .00 per lead, buying clicks for .10 each and converting at 10%, you’re really earning .20 on top of every .10 you spend. If you haven’t already, apply for Never Blue Ads through this blog and you’re application should be approved without a problem and very quickly.

To entice the offer even more, send me your affiliate id and I’ll send you a free t-shirt when you earn your first with Never Blue Ads.

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