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Also, the logo was to depict old coffee traders’ nautical lifestyle.

The Starbucks logo contributed to the company’s skyrocketing popularity.

There's a new drink in town that will satisfy your Starbies cravings and your love of short-form videos.

OK, there's no actual video involved with the creation of the drink, but the newest sip on the secret menu is named after the Tik Tok app, so there you go.

According to Happy Barista on Reddit, who apparently had over a dozen orders for the drink in the past month, it consists of a Venti Strawberry Acai Refresher, three scoops of strawberries, three scoops of blackberries, and a "matching size scoop of ice." All of the ingredients are then blended together to create the customized sip that has a pinkish hue.She said yes, but there was just one condition: he was not allowed to see her in labor or when bathing their children.He broke the oath when she was giving birth to their triplet daughters, and she went away with all three of them to the land of Avalon.TBH, it appears no one knows why it's called a Tik Tok Drink, but it seems to have stuck.Of course, Tik Tok is popular with people who like to share creative videos on the mobile app, and per the Tik Tok website, it was "one of the most downloaded apps in the world" in 2018.

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