Simple sexual online chat

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• Sextortion Sextortion is when someone uses a sexual photo/video of you to blackmail or coerce you into doing what they want.

• Protect yourself Block people who are harassing you, and the people who forwarded the photo/video, on your online accounts. (This could make the situation worse.) • Get support Being exploited and abused doesn’t define who you are.You don’t have to deal with sexual exploitation and abuse on your own.It’s important to reach out to a safe adult and report what’s happening to you. There are people and resources available to help you if you’re experiencing sexual exploitation and abuse.If you agree to send sexual images, they may be used to blackmail you in the future.An exploiter may send you unwanted sexually explicit material (pornography, nude photos of themselves, etc.) and try to convince you this type of unsolicited sexual behaviour is acceptable.

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