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When determining the legitimacy a site, there’s really only one criteria that matters: how many times it gets you laid.

But realistically, whether the site is legit or not can be determined by how many real women you meet from interacting with site members. The chemistry isn’t right or she’s not in the mood or whatever.

The quality of women is far superior to the others. It’s nearly impossible to find a hottie to hookup with on most comparable sites, which is why this is one of the best.

We’ve seen negative reviews around the web about Sex

We give advice for men on how to get laid by a hot woman they meet online.

We do and can unequivocally say, a big advantage to becoming a Sex member is you will have as high of a percentage chance of getting laid as you will anywhere else – online or offline. The best advice we can give you to have success on Sex is to charm the hell out of the women on there.

The problem isn’t the popularity of sex dating, it’s the crooked frauds who seek to capitalize on that success by infiltrating a booming industry.

Another problem is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell the legitimate adult sex sites from the fraudulent ones.

So what I wanted to do was sample a couple dozen of the most popular sex dating sites on the internet and find out just how many of them were for real.

As it turns out, I determined that only three of them were worth the money I paid for full membership, and I count Sex Search among those three.

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