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They may become isolated and lonely, which commonly leads to depression.For these situations, video chat is the best alternative to socializing in person.Finding an online group with people who share the same interests is the best way to stay socially active and meet like-minded people.Due to restrictions in mobility, some of our elderly loved ones may find it challenging to physically get out and meet people.There are a lot of online networking groups, small or large, made of members who are passionate about a variety of topics from senior health, hobbies, to travel or online dating.Seniors can find chat groups specifically created for people of different age groups or from different countries, and thus choose the one they are interested in.Keeping an eye on elderly parents when the rest of the family lives far away is much easier with regular video calls.

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Sharing special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas dinners on video is very special.

Many may still live with a spouse or family who keeps them company.

But those living alone may start lacking the social interaction they need and were used to.

Seniors want to be included in the day to day lives of their family.

This is hard when they live far away or even in a different country.

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