Scorpios dating scorpios zodiac

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It is this mysteriousness that makes Scorpio men very charming and attractive to women.Scorpios do not trust easily, making them secretive and rather introverted.They prefer to be left alone while contemplating and do not want to be interrupted.This gives the Scorpio an aura of moodiness because when interrupted he becomes easily irritated. It is not readily understood why, but Scorpios are thought to be very mature for their ages and wise beyond their years.Scorpio men are thought to be the most passionate sign, and not just when it comes to love and romance.Scorpios are passionate about everything they do and enjoy and will throw themselves into a pet project completely.Bet Scorpios are also very intelligent and can step back from a situation and look at it from a logical perspective and make reasonable decisions.But being so emotional as well as logical, once a Scorpio’s mind is made up, nothing can change his mind.

You can take them to an antique shop round the corner for an outing.

But you need to be patient as they would dig into each and every other item's history.

They love digging into the secret and dark pasts of things and people.

Maybe it is their intelligence or their depth of character that makes this so.

Scorpios have goals they wish to achieve in life, even if they don’t tell anyone what they are due to their secretive nature.

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