San jose dating urban dictionary

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Algo es algo, pero son nalgas – Something is better than nothing (vulgar). Amarrarse la enaguas – Act tough or impose authority (woman). Amarrarse la gorda – To cause an uproar or start a fight.

Aplancharse a alguien – To have sex with someone (vulgar).

Agachado – Un motivated Agarrado – A stingy or cheap person.

Baboso – Stupid Bajarle el piso a alguien – To steal a person’s job.

Batir barro – To take an off Beneficio – A plant where coffee grains are processed.

Carajo – Person Carajillo – Child Carambada – A thing. Carbonear – To incite another person to do something.

Cartucho – Slang for the Costa Rican city of Cartago. Cerrar el chinamo – To finish what you are doing and leave.

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