Romantic ideas for first dating anniversary

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Your partner may find skydiving romantic, but if the idea of throwing yourself out of an airplane doesn’t appeal to you, it’s not going to be a romantic date. Especially not when you turn green from fear and end up fainting. Also, write notes about what you would love to do with each other in the bedroom.

All anniversaries should be nights to remember, and not because there is an epic storm or your bathroom gets flooded, but this one particular date is memorable because it’s… A few nights before the actual anniversary, ask your partner what kind of clothes he finds the sexiest on you as well as what lingerie he would most love to see you in.Start by writing down a list with everything you love about your partner.Then write a list with your favorite memories created with them. Buy little trinkets you associate with each one of the items on the lists and attach a card where you write about it.Another example would be to give them a rose because one of the things you love the most about them is their romantic side.Of course, also attach a card and write down why you appreciate this.

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