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This will be achieved by testing whether perennial coastal occupations simply represent a sustainable development for the Neolithic communities during periods of climatic and environmental change (given the availability of marine resources, as their great geographical spread in the tropics - from Somalia to Pakistan, or from Portugal to Senegal – tends to demonstrate .

This is an hypothesis that still needs to be proven, as previous assumptions tend to favour seasonal coastal mobility during the Neolithic or question it.

We thus propose to explore jointly the Neolithic vulnerabilities and opportunities, as well as the social and economic transformations due to Arabian coastal environmental changes.

Première campagne de fouilles programmées du 16 janvier au 16 avril 2018 sur le site de Ra’s al-Jinz RJ-3. Pratiquement inexploré, le site de RJ-3, situé à l’autre extrémité de la baie, formait vraisemblablement avec RJ-2 un seul et même complexe, étendu sur 3 ou 4 ha.

Le site se trouve dans la réserve naturelle de Ra’s al-Jinz, à l’extrémité orientale de la péninsule d’Oman, et fait partie d’un complexe archéologique daté du 3ème millénaire av. Le matériel de surface évoque l’existence d’un quartier artisanal ; situé près du rivage, RJ-3 pourrait également avoir été la zone portuaire de la baie de Ra’s al-Jinz.

It will span a latitudinal transect of ~1000 km, selecting the most promising field sites and micro-regional windows that have been documented by the French Archaeological Missions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Ra’s al-Khaimah, in the Northern United Arab Emirates (UAE, 25,5°N-55,6°E) to the Dhofar region, in the South of the Sultanate of Oman (16°N-53,45°E).

We aim to characterise the complexity and variety of socio-environmental reorganisation processes of a sub-continent that has been affected by large S-N variations of the Indian-Arabian monsoon (IAO) system and sea level oscillations during the Mid-Holocene period.

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