Raiden fighters jet mame not updating

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Mori PORTS You can report links for further information, images, video or other url about this game. Earth suddenly becomes a target for a race of deranged aliens known as Cranassians.This may be a software bug rather than an intentional feature as the sample gameplay sequences prior to starting a game are also disabled after reaching 99,999,999 until the arcade game is rebooted.The PC-Engine port of Raiden developed by Hudson Soft.However, for the eleventh 8 stages and later, the amount of bonus points is variable (usually between 7-9 million). After reaching this score, the player can continue on playing, but the score stays at 99,999,999.After reaching 99,999,999 points, free play is enabled - the credit counter stays at 9 (the maximum number of credits) for all subsequent games until the arcade game is rebooted.

There are 8 stages in the game (note: the Megadrive port features an additional bonus stage, whereas the PC-Engine Super Raiden port adds two more stages for a total of 10).After completing the second 8 stages the player is awarded 2 million bonus points, after completing the third 8 stages, the player is awarded 3 million bonus points, and so on.After the tenth 8 stages, the player is awarded 10 million bonus points.We approve newly submitted descriptions every day and you will find that it will not take long for your description to appear in this space. If you'd like to nominate Raiden Fighters Jet 2000 (China, SYS386I) for Retro Game of the Day, please submit a screenshot and description for it.The moment they are approved (we approve submissions twice a day..), you will be able to nominate this title as retro game of the day!

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