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She finally finished the boring project at 2pm on that Friday.

With Andy's prom coming up first, he was beginning to question what would happen. She felt confident she skillfully fucked and sucked her way to her first quarterly bonus, but just to be sure, she didn't want to risk anything by not completing this paper filing project.

Prom is supposed to be the most magical night of your high school life — you get your hair and makeup done; you wear the gorgeous gown that makes your mom cry, "You're all grown up"; and you generally look flawless as you kiss good-bye to your awkward years.

For these teens, prom was ruined when their outfits were banned.

Julie walked with an extra jiggle in her bouncy tits and ass as she felt disgusted stares on her from her nearby colleagues. Andy came home from school on the later end of the standard time window, but not out of the norm. They embraced for a sweet hug, and she kissed him on his cheek. That makes me feel more at ease." The two embraced and Andy rested his head on his mom's shoulder.

Julie had dinner prepped and just needed to warm it up whenever he was ready to eat. "I stopped by the formals store and picked up Lindsay's prom dress. She enjoyed their closeness and was fulfilled to be able to give him advice on his teen-love saga. "Besides honey, if she doesn't appreciate such a handsome, sensitive, mature, stud like you, I bet there would be a line of girls out the door who would take her spot!

She bent over and cleaned up his softening, salty cock with her mouth. She sloppily sucked and stroked his meat simultaneously while Jerry enjoyed the show. I wanted her to not feel sad, and let her know we can still date, I mean Milwaukee is only 3 hours away. Maybe I'm totally wrong but as we were talking about it for some reason I got a feeling that prom night was more important than us dating. "Well, tell me the truth then, not the bullshit you tell her. Jerry complimented Julie and told her how happy he is to have her on board. She put her clothes back on, the little of it she came in with, and gave them each a wet, salty kiss on the lips. Let her know you're thinking of her, and that it's best to sleep on it. For now, take some time and just freaking enjoy each other's company while we're here. If I was a girl your age, I'd have a huge crush on you! " Julie laughed and tickled Andy's leg with her foot. "So, what is it about Lindsay that you like about her anyways? I always have to come up with some fuckin' bullshit," Andy laughed. Frank said her work is done for the day and she can come in anytime tomorrow to tie up any loose ends on her final projects. Walking out of the office, she saw a handful of employees packing up their desks. We have about 3 weeks before we move." "Thanks Mom, I think you're totally right. Julie's eyes got big as she wasn't used to hearing her son use profanity, and once her brain comprehended his words, she burst into laughter herself. She claims her daughter was discriminated against because she is plus-size.An hour after Mireya arrived at her prom, she was asked to leave and told that her dress violated the dress code.

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