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Mata Ortiz, a small town located near the remains of the ancient city Paquime, has become internationally recognized thanks to its ceramic production.

Artisans from the village, located in Chihuahua state, have successfully reproduced the delicate hand coiled and elegantly painted vases and bowls made by the unknown early inhabitants of Paquime.

Nowadays the most recognized Majolica workshops are "Gorky Gonzalez", "Capelo" and "Ceramica Santa Rosa".

Talavera de Puebla is a majolica style pottery made in Puebla with the same techniques used in Colonial times.

Frequent color combinations include delicate tones of rose, gray-blue and white on a background of brown, light gray, green or blue.

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Capula is a small village in Michoacan state with a pre-Hispanic pottery tradition.Talavera brand is reserved by law to this earthenware.Two legitimate talavera workshops are "Talavera Uriarte" who keeps with the traditional designs and "Talavera de la Reyna" sought after for its contemporary styles.Spanish galleons sailed from Manila to Acapulco full of Asian goodies, including Chinese porcelain.From Acapulco the merchandise was carried by land to Veracruz, the main port in the Gulf of Mexico, and shipped to Spain.

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