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Because of what he has done I am often upset." The presiding judge, James Adkin, said while sentencing Savage, "You are, in my judgment, a sexual sadist.

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She said, "Throughout the case, he claimed that each of the women consented.He is required to serve a minimum of 11 years in jail after he was sentenced at the Carlisle Crown Court on July 25. Lee Savage, 25, from Penrith, was sentenced today for five rapes and five sexual offences. Details here: ESd TCl BFAg Z — Cumbria Police (@Cumbriapolice) July 23, 2018 The first rape had reportedly been committed less than four months after Savage had been given a community order for sending a 13-year-old girl, he made friends with on Facebook, explicit pictures.Tim Evans, the prosecutor, said that the serial rapist had attacked the women between January 2015 and early 2018.It was on the site of N Arnison and Sons a large local draper.Outside Penrith, on the way to Ullswater is a prehistoric henge, dating to the Neolithic era it is referred to as King Arthurs’ Round Table.

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