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Managing the action items on your to-do list in Outlook, for yourself and others, has never been easier when you use the Tasks feature in Outlook 2016.The Tasks feature keeps track of what you need to do with your tasks list and will also remind you of any up and coming deadlines.I use Outlook 2010 in both cases to connect to the enterprise Exchange server for email, calendar, etc.I set up a number of recurring tasks on the desktop.Let’s go through and show you how to use Tasks like a pro and further organize your life with Outlook.With a little time and work, you will have a comprehensive set of tasks, which you can set up to remind you when they’re due, or you can even assign them to another person! You’ll notice that there’s the familiar folder pane along the left-hand side.We’ve been discussing the various intricacies of Outlook 2013 recently, so if you’re new to it, we recommend you read our introduction.Otherwise, open Outlook up to the Tasks view and have a look around.

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You can also check the “Reminder” box and have Outlook let you know when your task is coming due.

RELATED: To start, you’ll notice that there’s one task folder group call My Tasks and two sub task folders: To-Do List and Tasks.

If we right-click on the top-most folder, we can create a “New Folder Group” that we’ll name Work Tasks.

Outlook will let you make to-do lists consisting of tasks, which you can do all sorts of things, such as setting due dates, reminders, categories, and more.

The whole point is to create a more active kind of task list that you can interact with and will keep you honest.

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