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Due to the cattle grazing operation throughout these Tree Farms, big game species such as Deer, Elk & Moose are thriving, in some cases to the point where an overabundance of big game are becoming detrimental to the family hay crops.

The family has applied for and been awarded depredation hunting tags to help control the big game populations of Elk and Deer on their Tree Farms.

Steve and Louise Wood, Todd Russell & Leonard Wood incorporate their cattle operations within their respective Tree Farms and use silvopasture techniques when harvesting timber to also improve grazing opportunities for their livestock.

All of Idahos native coniferous species can be found throughout the Wood Family Tree Farms including Douglas-fir, western larch, grand fir, western hemlock, lodgepole pine, Engelmann spruce, Idaho (western) white pine, western red cedar, ponderosa pine, and subalpine fir.

What makes the Wood Family outstanding candidates for this award is their durability, sustainability, innovativeness in land based business ventures and their commitment to strong family, generational values regarding land management.

Jim also helped organize 4-H trail rides and endurance rides for visitors throughout the Cabinet Mountains.Jim and Virginias children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue to be active in the local 4-H programs.In 2009/2010, the ranch placed 640 acres of the original Gold Creek Ranch into a conservation easement under the Forest Legacy Program.Grandchildren Jody Wood Russell & her husband Todd with Isaac Schoonover also own timberland and raise cattle.Jim Wood was one of the first cattlemen in northern Idaho to cross-breed when he purchased his first Angus bull in 1965.

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