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I went to the maven repository https://looking for the latest version of spring core, which at the time was 5.0.0.

M3/ The repository showed me this entry for my pom.xml: Naive fool that I am, I assumed that the comment was telling me that the jar is located in the default repository.

However, after a lot of head-banging, I saw a note just below the xml saying "Note: this artifact it located at Alfresco Public repository (" So the comment in the XML is completely misleading.

The jar is located in another archive, which was why Maven couldn't find it! Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

For me the following happens: If I add a dependency requesting more dependencies and more and more but have a slow connection, it seams to stop while downloading and timing out.

While timing out all dependencies not yet fetched are marked with place holders in the .m2 cache and Maven will not (never) pick it up unless I remove the place holder entry from the cache (as other stated) by removing it.

Generally, the .m2 folder is located at c:users:[username]:.m2 I had this problem for a different reason.So my solution might be useful to others who stumple upon the question: The problem: I've copied the local repository to another computer, which has no connection to a special repository.So maven tried to check the artifacts against the invalid repository. This is one of the most annoying things about Maven.Awarded as Power Shell Hero in 2015 by the community for his script and tools contributions.Creator of Config Mgr Prerequisites Tool, Config Mgr OSD Front End, Config Mgr Web Service to name a few.

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