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If he only schedules plans with you at the last minute, or totally goes off the radar when he's traveling, that's a really bad sign.

You want a guy who makes you feel important—not someone who only wants to hang when he's bored or horny.

If you want to stop attracting unavailable people, you need to do the inner work first.

If your guy flirts with your friends, your sister, the coffee shop barista—pretty much anyone he comes into contact with—you should move on.If you met a caring and available person, there is a good possibility you wouldn’t be attracted to them due to your fears of engulfment and rejection.The wounded part of you believes there is safety from these fears in being with a person you know you won’t end up with in a committed relationship.“How do I stop attracting bad boys, cheaters, unavailable guys—guys that are like my father?I’m doing lots of inner work and healing, but still, I've not yet been able to attract the right partner.

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