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Additionally, Net Sim enables you to change the properties of each device and view the impact on the entire network layout.Simulations can be run from within the GUI or using the command console.I am trying to use hostnames for NTP on a few devices that have a management in a vrf.I have configured: ip domain list vrf Mgmt-intf ip domain lookup vrf Mgmt-intf source-interface Gigabit Ethernet0 ip domain name ip name-server vrf Mgmt-intf When I try to ping an address by name it takes forever for it to actually respond, by forever I am talking minutes!

The integrated packet animator allows you to view a graphical representation of how data packets are transmitted through both wired and wireless networks.

Net Sim is a comprehensive tool for studying computer networks and so much more.

Exam Simulator for CCNA with Net Sim 200-125 allows you to practice for CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate certification exam.

For new versions, check Net Sim java Net Sim (Java Network Simulator) - it's a fork of a project j Firewall Sim.

The main goal of java Net Sim is creating a software to simulate various TCP/IP networks based on Ethernet, Wi Fi, PPP, etc...

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