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Their English language periodical, , No.8 dated January 2003, contains several very interesting articles and a quite remarkable one, which we reproduce here.

Comrade Parvati, head of the Women’s Department of the CPN(Maoist), first came to our attention with her “ Women’s Participation in People’s War in Nepal” in No. That piece combined clear thinking with strong organization of the material, revealing the presence of a political understanding of the first order.

And thousands and thousands died; some in battle but most murdered or “disappeared” by the regime’s police and the Royal Nepal Army.

In the crucible of struggle, and under conditions few reading this now can even imagine, Comrade Parvati has emerged as a revolutionary thinker of the first order.

A hand picked ministry was installed to carry out the orders of the Palace.The persistence of male privilege within the Communist Party of Nepal(Maoist) is directly addressed.And a thesis of immense power and importance is advanced: that the bureaucratic degeneration (and consequent counter-revolution) within the Soviet system and the failure of the Cultural Revolution (and consequent turn to capitalist social relations) in China have one cause in common – the failure of the respective movements to address properly in practice the question of gender oppression and women’s leadership.Suddenly the People’s War had struck a key target in the valley of Nepal itself, as much the nerve center of Nepal as a whole as Paris was of France in, say, 1789.On January 29th, 2003 the Palace and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), leadership announced a truce, to take effect immediately.

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