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In order to talk dirty with favorable effects, you need to take it slow, read the mood, and adjust your exchanges according to the way she reacts to your dirty talk. We did mention that talking dirty is an art, didn’t we? As mentioned, an attempt at talking dirty fails if done out of character.

How to talk dirty to a woman – The basic guidelines #1 Own your words. If you’re going to ask her if she likes to get touched in someplace, say it confidently and convincingly in your best way possible.

Well, maybe not the last one, but the idea is not to come in the scene guns blazing. These are the important questions you need to ask yourself in order to get information that structures your naughty conversation. First, there is a sexy quality to asking a girl naughty questions.

Remember, talking dirty is foreplay: you need to take it slow. It shows her that you are interested in her naughtier side and feeds on her imagination as well.

Its main weakness is that it tends to put off girls who are not fans of this type of dirty talk.[Read: 14 wild ways to have aggressive sex the right way] Good dirty talk.This is the most effective type, yet it is also the one most difficult to pull off.Knowing how to talk dirty to a woman is more than the usual “I’m gonna rip off those clothes and f*ck the lights out of you,” she might end up fleeing for sanctuary instead of you seducing her.As you can see, talking dirty can be considered a fine art.

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