My stock portfolio with updating

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There’s also some swing trade or short term positions that I hold from time to time.

By the way, direct equities form only about 20% of my overall portfolio due to my investment risk profile.

You can track more than one portfolio and multiple watch lists, global indices and futures, and there's a real-time price tracker for Bitcoin if you care to dabble in virtual currency.

Detailed stock information includes price and volume data, news, and earnings for the past six quarters and the next earnings date that you can add to your calendar.

I am also invested heavily in mutual funds (~30%) and that’s what is giving me real good returns from long term point of view.

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my stock portfolio with updating-68

my stock portfolio with updating-14

my stock portfolio with updating-32

If you want to aggregate your stocks, bonds or other investments in one place, you might have come across my Stock Portfolio Tracker. It’s FREE and won’t cost you money and you can tweak it to your hearts content.I plan to rectify this with my new approach of having buy-and-forget large/mid caps stocks in one basket, medium term picks in another and swing trade/short term picks in yet another as shown in the three tables here.The stocks listed here are actually part of my portfolio and it doesn’t necessarily mean a recommendation to your investment goals.Finance, which allows you to track stocks, as well as currencies and commodities.It features a personalized news stream, interactive graphs and charts, and real-time changes that appear in red.

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