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What to do if your vehicle is totaled, abandoned, or contaminated by hazardous chemicals.

How to get a Washington title if you bought your vehicle in another country.

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When he said he can't defend his actions, it made us feel like he was in a hot seat for once in his life," Bak said.Kelly fled the country on the eve of his scheduled trial in February 1987 and remained a fugitive from justice for eight years."He left Adrienne and I looking over our shoulders, wondering if he was going to come and make good on the threats he made on the night of our rapes," Buchanan told the board.Bak recalled that the day Kelly failed to show up in court was the day that she had been looking to reclaim as much of her life as she could.Both women, whom Kelly was convicted of raping, asked that the parole board deny Kelly's request. 3, 2005--ALEX KELLY is led out of Superior Court in Stamford in December 1998 after pleading no contest to a reduced charge in a second rape case.He was already serving a 16-year sentence for a 1986 rape. BOITANO / AP FILE PHOTO)--March 4, 2005By LYNNE TUOHY, Courant Staff Writer SUFFIELD (Connecticut) -- Convicted rapist Alex Kelly for an hour tried to convince three people who held the key to his early release how much he had changed in eight years behind bars and how truly contrite he was for the pain he caused his victims. "For the two women he kidnapped, choked and raped when they were teenagers, who had clutched tissues and each other as they testified Thursday about their ordeals, Kelly's remarks underscored what they had tried to emphasize to the board."It shows his impulse control issues," Hillary Buchanan said."He's not in control. He raped both teens, whom he barely knew, in the cars he happened to be driving on the nights of the attacks."He squeezed my throat harder as he forced himself inside me while robbing me of my virginity and all of my innocence," Bak said of being attacked five days after her 16th birthday."This was truly the most dehumanizing experience.

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