Michael ventrella dating ashley johnston

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“I’m in shock, I can't believe it,” said Ventrella.

“But then, I still can’t believe that I ran a marathon," he quipped, referring to the last challenge handed down to the four finalists.

(Presumably, Daris has had that first kiss.) Daris began the competition at 346 pounds and ultimately lost 168 pounds, or 48.55% of his body weight.

The "at home" winner was Koli Palu, who started at 403 pounds and lost 53.35% of his body weight.

By the time she was in high school, Ashley wore a size 14-16, and she has put on over 100 pounds since then.

Ashley is embarrassed to run into old friends and classmates because she's self-conscious about her weight.

Michael Ventrella, who holds “The Biggest Loser” title for being the largest player to ever set foot on the ranch, has a new record: Season 9 winner."And being able to go there and change my habits and changing my mother's habits ripples into our family and friends because that's our way of celebrating." Watch full episodes of Off the ranch, the 31-year-old has seen the influence his time on the weight-loss show has had on others.Michael said he meets countless people who tell him, "Ever since I saw you run five miles on the , I've been able to walk one mile, and I can't wait to do what you just did." Michael, who is now down to 262 pounds, said that biggest lesson he learned was that in order to help other people, he needed to heal himself.Coming in second place was the pink ninja -- Ashley Johnston -- who set a record as the woman who lost the most weight while at the ranch.She began the NBC weight-loss competition at 374 pounds. Third place went to the loveable Daris George, who arrived at the ranch as an insecure, overweight boy who'd never had a date, never been kissed, and emerged a "man's man" who now has a steady girlfriend.

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