Metaphysical dating

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Today’s high pitched frequency (HPF) is in the key of B Major, which reflects the key of the crown chakra and the planet Jupiter.

The crown chakra’s mission statement is “I know” and/or “I understand”.

by Matthew John, Contributing writer, In5Happy New Moon in Virgo!

This New Moon becomes exact on Friday, August 30 at a.m. After this past airy, expansive Full Moon in Aquarius, the sun and moon in Virgo now pull us back down to Earth.

Triangle Inquiry Group The Triangle Inquiry Group gathers together for meditation, self-inquiry, and discussion each Wednesday evening in Raleigh, NC.Do you hold your breath when stressed or do you allow it to flow freely? When the dust settles, then your work will truly begin. For the first time since July 15th, today’s high pitched frequency (HPF) is in the key of A Sharp.Yoga and meditation are great tools to connect with this vital life force. Pay attention to your intuition today as well as incoming downloads through your crown chakra.Also, the Spiritual Friends Locator is designed to help you find like-minded people to work with, especially those in your geographic area.Self-Discovery Portal Home site for the Group of Gainesville, FL, including Zen for the Western Mind: a recap of Hubert Benoit's Ch'an Masters of Ancient China: excerpts from the inspiring writings of T'ang Dynasty Zen masters; Pulyan & Transmission: Zen master without lineage and master of the lost art of transmission; Greatest Teachers: the greatest western teachers of recent times on finding a total answer—Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Douglas Harding and Richard Rose; and Conquest of Illusion: excerpt from the van der Leeuw classic.

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