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The more time I’ve spent around men, the more I’ve noticed a common thread—many of them are worried about being judged by the women they want to date. Since the 1960s, our roles in the dating world have shifted dramatically.

“If you insult me, I won’t date you out of curiosity,” said one survey respondent. Don’t be tempted to use any tricks which might backfire on you. Another thing to test out is whether you actually feel ready to start dating at the moment.

Every woman has different wants and needs and there is no definite list of dos and don’ts.

However, a survey conducted by e Harmony showed that there are in fact several things most women tend to agree on when it comes to male dating habits.

Tailor your messages Because online dating is so accessible, sometimes men can fall into the trap of hurling out messages without really thinking about who they’d like to speak to.

“Don’t treat [online dating] as if you’re unemployed and dropping off an application form at every Mc Donald’s and Starbucks you come across”, said one respondent.

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