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Recovery from compulsive masturbation most often requires extensive counseling with a trained and licensed sexual addiction treatment specialist, coupled with or followed by group therapy and/or a 12-Step recovery program.

Getting help for compulsive masturbation can feel shameful, embarrassing, and humiliating, and, as with any compulsion, the pain and consequences of the behavior have to become greater than the fear of seeking assistance before the individual becomes willing to get help.

They learn, usually as adolescents, to use masturbation as a means of coping with stress and/or masking emotional pain.

Eventually, masturbation becomes their primary coping mechanism—their response to any and every issue, including problems as simple and seemingly benign as boredom.

Sadly, compulsive masturbators are often reluctant to seek help because they don’t view their solo sexual behaviors as an underlying source of their unhappiness.

And when they do seek assistance, they often seek help with their compulsion’s related symptoms—depression, loneliness, and social isolation—rather than the masturbation problem itself.

Other individuals are binge masturbators, “losing themselves” for hours or even days at a time, sometimes continuing to masturbate even after physically injuring their genitalia.

Binge masturbation is occasionally accompanied by illicit drug use, usually stimulants like cocaine or crystal meth.

He’s gotten tickets for driving erratically because of this, but he’s always managed to “zip up” before a police officer or anyone else could catch him in the act.Some people who masturbate compulsively do so as part of their daily routine.These are “morning, noon and night” people who masturbate on a regular schedule, almost like clockwork—when they wake up, before they go to bed, when they’re in a particular place, when some “thing” happens, or when they experience a certain (usually uncomfortable) feeling.In the evenings he treats himself to “dinner and a show,” which means pizza or takeout Chinese food and several hours of porn beamed wirelessly from his laptop computer to the 50-inch flat-screen television in his living room.On an average day, Michael has four or five orgasms.

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