List of pros of online dating site for dating and friendship

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Yes, we’re “paying attention.” And yes, we’re investing our time and attention on fully absorbing what they have to say to us. We’re not like the people in the dark ages who swear that any semblance of technological advancement is some form of witchcraft.

But let’s also not be people who are so blinded by the convenience of technology that we forget, genuinely forget, that the less convenient way of interacting may sometimes be the more rewarding.

They know that you can conjure up movie schedules, restaurant reviews, directions and even instructional articles with lightning speed.

They might even ask you to be the one to help figure out certain settings on their phones, if you happen to have a similar model.

And it’s not just limited to that, you can even save entire conversations, all for the purpose of reliving the moments you talked to someone you like. The problem with being the one to preserve those memories is that you might end up being too busy to bask in the moment, simply because you’re tinkering with your phone’s settings just to get the perfect angle or the perfect shot.

Chances are, you might not even be in any of the photos.

Pink Cupid is filled with women who are serious about searching for a romance.

You can talk to a multitude of people across a variety of platforms whenever you want to. When our attention span is split across several different conversations through different mediums, are we really spending quality time with these people?

At best, we’d be leaving quick, mechanical replies, all for the purpose of assuring them that yes, we’re online.

On the other hand, people become so dependent that they’d practically start to panic if their phones died or if there’s no wifi signal or if they can’t access Google. [Read: 6 big reasons to quit cyber stalking your ex] #3 Pro: You get to keep memories.

Wherever you are, and whatever you may be doing, you can always reach out to people who are miles and miles away.

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