Lg viewty updating firmware guide

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After you understand every option in detail it will be easier for you to keep your phone up to date.A while back we launched the Updato free Android firmware download archive, which is now the biggest free firmware archive for Samsung phones on the internet.

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The Android that powers your phone is called, in more technical terms, firmware.You won't be able to install the latest firmware on a phone you bought 8 years ago, as it most likely won't be able to handle the newer features that the firmware came with.But barring these rare cases, you should always strive to be up to date with your firmware, even if it's just from a security point of view. We’ll show you three ways to keep up with firmware upgrades - and don't worry, you don't have to be an expert to keep up: We’ll break down what each option has to offer you, its pros and cons, and how to perform them.HTC Sync Manager: Developed by the Taiwanese tech company to help users manage their HTC Android devices, which is available on the official website.Apart from managing the contents of your device and syncing data to the computer, HTC Sync Manager also enables you to install the latest Android firmware updates available officially.

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