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Taking Back Sunday is a rock band that has nine albums, starting with their debut in 2002 and going through a current release in 2014. They've had such hit singles as 'Cute Without the E (Cut From The Team)', 'Make Damn Sure', and 'Liar(It Takes One To Know One)'. On June 6th, Adam Lazzara married a local girl from Tyler, Tx. This relationship was apparently the reason his wedding to Chauntelle Dupree of Eisley was called off.

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It's a new company with a design office in Tampa, a new shipyard in Turkey, a new line of yachts and a familiar name at the helm.

Sub-regional patterns of primary production annual cycle ...

Luigi Lazzara1, Christian Marchese1, Luca Massi1, Caterina Nuccio1, Fabio Maselli2, Carolina ...

Both feature an interesting layout that includes a full-beam lower deck.

Joe Lazzara worked several years in the design and engineering office of the shipyard his father Dick and uncle Brad established in Tampa in 1990 until the company ceased operation.

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