Laura mary carter hot

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From Kid unveil a beautiful indie-rock sound with a soul.

The singer’s voice is pretty amazing and the music they play steals your heart, not to be missed!

Tame Impala play many instrumental bits, reaching the climax with a beautiful confusion of sounds as colourful as the videos on screen.

Even when the voice of the singer is present its tone and everything make all seem from an outer world.

Kasabian, Blue Stage, 10pm-pm Kasabian are definitely a night band, when I saw them at Roskilde last year they were playing on Sunday afternoon and it wasn’t a good idea, neither for them nor for the audience.

But here in Zürich, at night, they put on a great show!

Really friendly with the audience they make some jokes and stuff.

The singer says that in Australia when people think about Switzerland it is as a land covered in snow and asks how it can be so warm here.

They lead the listener through the psycho trip along with the space sounds the band produces.Jungle, Tent Stage, 7pm-8pm I wonder from where the British band Jungle took its name.Is it because they take the listener into a jungle of sounds or is it because they jungle between many instruments?But the mix between indie-rock and electronic sounds is effective!I’m still waiting to hear “Goodbye Kiss” live but they’ll probably never play it at a festival as it’s a slow song…

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