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Even though she treats me great when she is with me I can't compete with the heavy hitters. I've known her for five years, have met her mom, sister, brother and nephew. Has never asked me for money, haha, because I AM the poor cousin. But, not to be negative, I'm happy for anyone who finds love anywhere. I just got done talking to one of my regular local lady companion and she finally cleared up something that had been confusing me for some time.

She lives totally different than any of the other chicas I've met working. A week ago she had confided that she got scammed by someone trying to sell her a new car.

I trust if we could find a civilian girl who never programmed, but who warmed up to us the way the best of the working girls do, and possessed all the skills and adventure of same, we'd be in heaven. The oldest profession in the world has always been there, but it seems today almost a way of life. And not just in South America, but in the nicest suburbs in Miami, too.

It is not easy for a lady to reduce that rate for new clients because it directly has an impact on her self-worth (unless she reduces her session time as well).Now because of our regular association, she offers me a reduced rate.So I suggested that if she needs more business, she can always post the same reduced rate that she gives me on her ads and I am sure that would generate some interest. I said why not - she is the one who needs more business.If afterward you start talking about seeing them again, or possibly (god forbid), a future, their eyes light up, if in a guarded way.It's at those moments you notice a desperation, deeply hidden, but unmistakable.

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